Testimony from non-expert witnesses can make or break your Social Security disability hearing. An Indiana Social Security disability attorney can explain that it is difficult to find a Social Security disability claim that does not require a good non-expert witness. Friends and family can often serve as good witnesses, but the best ones are those who can back up your story and add to any testimony you may have provided.

Pick Your Witnesses Wisely

Indiana Social Security disability attorneyAn Indiana Social Security disability lawyer can tell you that each witness should be evaluated thoroughly. Any witness who does not speak clearly and intelligently, who is unfamiliar with your case and circumstances, or who has a strong opinion of himself or herself should not be asked to testify. Typically, spouses, children and other relatives are often asked to testify, since they can provide the most beneficial information. An Indiana Social Security disability attorney can tell you, however, that these witnesses are not always considered to be the most objective by administrative law judges. Sometimes, former employers, community members, fellow church members and neighbors can be better choices. Depending on the circumstances of your case, others outside your close circle of family and friends may be seen as able to bring more objectivity to the hearing.

Contact an Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer for Legal Assistance

Depending on your case, neighbors, co-workers and others besides family may make the best non-expert witnesses. If you are disabled and have legal questions, call Indiana Social Security disability attorney Martin Barnes at 317-804-5058.