Indiana Social Security disability attorneyWhether or not a closing argument is necessary depends on how well-developed the case is. If the case does require a closing argument, your Indiana Social Security disability attorney may make the closing argument either at the hearing or in writing.

What Is a Well-developed Case?

A well-developed case will be supported by your testimony, plus medical evidence such as medical records, reports and other documentation. You will be able to help your lawyer prepare your case by collecting documentation such as medical test results, medical bills and other documents that your Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer requests.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Decision?

In the best case scenario, the judge will issue a bench decision. In that case, you will receive a short summary of the judge’s decision, often within a week. If the judge does not issue a bench decision, it will take one to two months for you to receive the judge’s decision. There are some judges who take longer than two months to send their decisions.

Can My Lawyer Speed Up the Process?

Unfortunately, there is not much that a lawyer can do to speed up the process. If there has been a delay longer than three months, you should get in touch with your lawyer to make certain that your file has not been lost. Your lawyer can keep tabs on your file for you.
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