Disability Cases: Doctor’s Opinions

When speaking about a patient who is attempting to get Social Security disability benefits, doctors are often quite concerned about the way in which they answer certain questions. The basis of this concern usually stems from a misconception that patients have to be bedridden in order to be found disabled by the Social Security Administration.  That said, the most prudent thing that a doctor can do for his or her patient is to call and speak to the patient’s Indianapolis disability lawyer before offering testimony on the patient’s behalf.

Doctors Should Not Exaggerate Symptoms

Additionally, in an effort to help their patients gain benefits, doctors will sometimes describe the patient as being more disabled than he or she actually is.  However, doing this will likely make things worse for the patient because once the doctor’s embellishments are discovered, it will pretty much render his or her opinion worthless for purposes of determining whether or not the patient meets the requirements to be found disabled under the Social Security Act.

What If the Patient Is Able to Do Some Work?

Doctors also question whether or not they should fill out the forms, particularly if they believe that their patient actually has the ability to do work.  However, you should note that, depending on a patient’s age (especially if he or she is over age 50 or 55), he or she may still be found disabled, even though it’s been shown that certain types of work can still be done.  Accordingly, doctors should give their patient’s attorney a call before deciding to complete (or not complete) the forms.  If you need an Indianapolis disability lawyer, please call Martin Barnes at (317) 804-5058 for a free consultation.