Indiana Social Security LawyerA dedicated Indiana Social Security lawyer will get you ready for the Social Security disability hearing and tirelessly advocate on your behalf.
An Indiana Social Security Lawyer Describes the Social Security Hearing Room
A Social Security hearing room is more or less a small conference room. Your Indiana Social Security lawyer will give you an idea of what you will likely see there, which includes:

  • A few official trappings, notably the seal of the SSA or an American flag;
  • A conference table and recording equipment (found in every hearing room);
  • A small table for the judge’s assistant; and
  • A judge’s desk on a small riser leveled slightly above the conference table where you will sit.

An Indiana Social Security Lawyer Explains That the Hearing Will Be Recorded
Every Social Security hearing will have the hearing recorded. Your Indiana Social Security attorney will undoubtedly advise you to answer audibly so the recording equipment can record your voice. The microphones are highly sensitive and will pick up your testimony from all areas of the room as long as you speak loudly enough for the judge to hear you.
It goes without saying that non-verbal forms of communication, such as shaking your head or pointing at parts of body (without verbally indicating the spot), cannot be recorded. Your Indiana Social Security attorney will also advise you to answer with affirmative responses like “yes” or “no” while avoiding hard to transcribe phrases like “uh huh” and “huh uh.”
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