Unfortunately, there is little that you or your Indianapolis Social Security lawyer can do to expedite your hearing aside from making sure all paperwork is filed on time. The average wait nationally between a hearing request and decision is 15.5 months, but your own wait may be shorter or longer.

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Why Does It Take So Long?

Wait times vary from one state to another. You are dealing with a bureaucratic quagmire with SSA, and the problem is made worse by the fact that there are so very many applicants. Efforts to streamline the process have been made, and hopefully wait times will be reduced for future applicants.

What Happens after I Request a Hearing?

Sometime after you request the hearing, your Indianapolis Social Security lawyer will receive a phone call from the administrative law judge’s assistant to determine whether he is available for a specific date. Your lawyer will then send you a letter informing you of the date, following which the judge will send you a Notice of Hearing.
Once your hearing takes place, you can expect to wait an additional two to three months for a decision to be rendered. Assuming you are awarded benefits, you should receive your first check in a month or two. Back benefits will take substantially longer—possibly six months or longer if you will receive SSI.

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