An Indiana Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses Sequential Evaluation Special Profiles
In this blog, an Indiana Social Security disability attorney explains how someone may not need to complete the 5-Step Sequential Evaluation program to be deemed disabled.
If you and your Indiana Social Security disability lawyer can demonstrate that you fall under one of the following special profiles, you might be declared disabled even if you do not proceed to the rest of the Sequential Evaluation process.
Special Profile 1
In order to fall under this profile, you must:
• Suffer from an impairment that is verifiable using standard medical diagnostic methods.
• Suffer from a condition that is extremely serious.
• Past your 55th birthday.
• Have no relevant work experience or left school without graduating.
Special Profile 2
This profile, also referred to as the “worn-out worker”, requires that you:
• Did not finish elementary school.
• Are no longer able to do the heavy, unskilled work you did before assuming that this was your occupation for the past 35 years.
Special Profile 3
This profile requires that:
• Your work is below your SGA level.
• You cannot adapt your abilities to new work.
• Cannot continue to work in the unskilled, strenuous or semi-skilled labor you were accustomed to doing for 30 years.
• You gave passed your 60th birthday.
• You have very little formal education.
Disabled But Ineligible
The following factors could render you ineligible even if the SSA has declared you disabled:
• You ignored your doctor’s instructions without justification.
• Drug or alcohol abuse caused or contributed to your impairment.
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