Your Indiana Social Security disability attorney will emphasize the importance of signing all relevant forms and maintaining a daily diary.

Recording Events in a Daily Diary

You and your Indiana Social Security disability attorney will discuss the usefulness of a daily diary. Growing accustomed to recording events in a daily diary can prepare you to testify in your hearing. This can be especially useful for claimants who might have a problem remembering and giving specifically detailed information. When you first meet with your lawyer, you might be asked to make note of the symptoms you suffer from on a daily basis until you have your hearing. If the impairments involve episodes, you should record when you have a headache, suffer a seizure, and have a good or bad day. This can contextualize your issues. A calendar detailing days in which you would or would not be able to work can also be helpful.

Signing Forms and Advancing in the Case

To be represented by an attorney in your case, you will have to provide the Social Security Administration with a signed form known as the Appointment of Representative. Another form that must be signed is the Request for Hearing. Other forms for medical consent and employment information will also need to be signed. After the first interview with your lawyer, the important parts of your case should be clear. Then the records will be requested, documents will be reviewed, the necessity of other evaluations will be decided upon, witnesses will be contacted, and keys to the case will be specified.

Call a Qualified Indiana Social Security Disability Attorney

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