Indianapolis Social Security Disability Lawyer If you are no longer able to work or perform the job you once held, an Indianapolis Social Security lawyer may be able to help you. There are rules governing the disability determination process, and they assess your ability to perform certain job-related tasks. Sitting, standing, walking, working with your hands and bending over are all abilities that are considered during the disability determination process. There are separate rules governing the determination of disability for mental impairments.

Disability Guidelines

If you are no longer able to do certain types of manual labor due to a heart condition or another physical ailment, your Indiana Social Security disability lawyer may be able to help you prove that you can no longer work. Your lawyer will be able to assess the rules in light of your individual circumstances. Your disability benefits are also determined by your age. The older you are, the easier it is to become qualified for disability benefits, while those under age 50 have a more difficult time. If you are under age 50, you must prove that you are unable to perform any simple job that requires sitting or alternating periods of sitting and standing throughout the workday. Even if you would not be hired for this type of position, you must still prove your ineligibility. If you are over age 50 and under age 54, the process is somewhat easier. You must prove only that you are unable to perform light work, which involves lifting 20 pounds infrequently and being on your feet most of the day. Even if you could perform a desk job, you may still qualify for disability under these requirements. Those over age 54 have the easiest time when it comes to qualifying for disability payments. To qualify for disability in this age bracket, you need only to prove that you are unable to perform medium work. This means that you are unable to frequently lift 25 pounds and occasionally lift 50 pounds, while staying on your feet for most of the day. As long as you are found incapable of performing these strenuous job requirements, you may qualify for disability benefits.


Disability determination can become complicated if you have learned many different job skills in the past. The judge will expect an overview of your skills and capabilities, and you must be prepared to explain why you are no longer able to perform the types of jobs you have held in the past.

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