Indiana Social Security disability attorneyThe most common and easiest types of disabilities to prove in Social Security disability claimants are physical impairments. After all, if you and your Indiana Social Security disability attorney can provide hard medical evidence and photographic evidence of your impairment, it is much easier to demonstrate how severe it is and how much of an effect it has had on your life.
However, many cases handled by an Indiana Social Security disability lawyer have to do with mental limitations, which usually involve different issues than physical limitations and which you should discuss in detail with your lawyer. If you are claiming both mental limitations and physical limitations in your claim for benefits, you should make sure to discuss both with your lawyer before your hearing.
Severe physical disabilities often bring about mental impairments as well, such as anxiety, depression or difficulty concentrating. Pain does not just take its toll on the body but on the mind as well. Those suffering from chronic disabilities have to cope with the emotional toll as well as the physical. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty talking about their emotional disabilities with their Indiana Social Security disability attorney. They are afraid that mental limitations will not be seen as “real” disabilities or might cause them to be seen as mentally unstable. This is not true; it is important for you to discuss and seek treatment for all disabilities that are affecting you, physical and mental.
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