The processing of benefit claims by the Social Security Administration is often a subjective process. This is most readily apparent when it comes to physician evaluations, and the type of work that claimants can and can’t handle. Your Indiana Social Security disability attorney can help you understand these ambiguous areas of policy, so that you approach applying for disability benefits prepared and informed.

Indiana Social Security disability attorney

SSA understands that patients have debilitating symptoms, and that no two patients’ symptoms are alike. This can make it hard to quantify limitations as they apply to each case. Even labs and diagnostic equipment can’t provide objective measurements when it comes to symptoms.

Your Indiana Social Security Disability Attorney Knows How the System Works

So exactly how does the Social Security Administration handle the subjective nature of claims? According to their policies, they often ask for physician evaluations. A physician can tell the Administration about the nature and severity of the symptoms, what kind of tasks the patient might still do in spite of them, and other factors.

Looking at symptoms in this way requires a specific kind of professional judgment. The physician must uncover whether they symptoms are directly related to the diagnosis, and if they are in line with the physician’s own observations.

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