Your Testimony During Your Social Security Hearing

Indianapolis Social Security HearingPrior to going in for your Social Security hearing, claimants should keep several things in mind with respect to their testimony.  First, with regard to the types of questions that will be asked of you, you should know that those questions will include some that are related to your past jobs and estimated work limitations, your education level, your medical symptoms and history, and your daily functioning abilities.  Any Indianapolis Social Security disability attorney will tell you that it is imperative that whenever you respond to any question posed to you, always tell the truth.

Don’t Exaggerate Your Pain

Additionally, do not attempt to “put on a show” for the judge during your hearing by acting like you’re in more pain than you actually are, or by shedding fake tears.  In the alternative, if you are in considerable pain, you don’t have to sit in silence or try to minimize your pain as you inform the judge about your ailments.  It is your hearing, so if you need to stop at any time during the hearing, simply ask the judge to stop for a while.

Be Clear and Concise

Your Indianapolis disability attorney will also advise you to share your story with the judge in a clear and concise manner.  The social security disability hearing will be your opportunity to share with the judge everything that you want him or her to be aware of in regard to why your impairments keep you from being able to work.  Keeping quiet, while it might be beneficial when involved in other types of legal cases, is not the best course of action in the case of a disability hearing, because the judge will need to have sufficient information in order to make a determination about your entitlement to disability benefits.

Also remember that if the judge asks you certain questions that involve the dates of when something specifically took place, undoubtedly, the judge would like for you to have the exact date; however, if you don’t recall the precise date, don’t be too concerned about that.  If you can, though, provide an approximation and specifically note that you are doing so in order to make it clear on the record that you are merely providing your best approximation.

An Indianapolis Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help

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