In Social Security disability hearings, witnesses are similar to job references; they can lend credibility to a candidate’s claims.  An expert Indiana Social Security disability attorney will know how to best utilize witnesses to a client’s advantage throughout the hearing.
When are witnesses introduced in a hearing?

  • After the claimant’s testimony
  • Before a medical or occupational expert’s testimony

Why are witnesses so important?

  • They support the petitioner’s testimony.
  • In addition, they provide an outside perspective regarding a Social Security disability applicant’s suffering, medical needs, and limitations.
  • They can sometimes communicate more effectively than the disability applicant.

What happens after a witness’ testimony?

  • The administrative judge will call a medical or vocational expert to the stand for testimony regarding the disabilities of the Social Security candidate.
  • The claimant’s Indiana Social Security disability attorney is usually allowed to complete a closing argument after all testimonies (either in person at the hearing’s summation or afterward in writing).

When will an applicant receive the hearing results?

  • Sometimes a judge will announce the verdict instantly.
  • If a judge decides to release the results immediately, a written decision will always be mailed to the candidate and his or her Social Security lawyer a few days after the conclusion of the hearing.
  • If a judge does not release the verdict directly after the hearing, applicants must usually wait awhile for news of the result.

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Although even a skilled Indiana Social Security disability attorney cannot form the ideal witness out of thin air, he can choose the best witness to coach in order to help you.  If you want a capable lawyer on your side, call Martin Barnes today at (317) 804-5058.