A determined Indiana Social Security disability attorney never gives up on a client’s disability case, even if the court rejects the initial disability claim. If your disability claim is rejected, you can work with your lawyer to appeal the ruling.
Indiana Social Security disability attorney
What should you expect from the appeals process?
If an administrative law judge denies your request for Social Security disability benefits, you have the option to appeal. Your disability lawyer can inform you about the appeals process, which is called “reconsideration.”
Is there a time limit for appealing the court’s ruling?
Yes; a rejected claimant must appeal the ruling within 60 days by filing a new application. It is always better to apply earlier rather than later in order to jump-start the legal process, since it can take a significant amount of time to get the ball rolling on a new application.

The 60 day timeline applies to the reconsideration hearing as well; if the court denies your appeal, your Indiana Social Security disability attorney is required to apply for a reconsideration hearing within 60 days.

What reconsideration options do you have?

Your attorney can appeal in person, online, or via telephone. You should ask for a signed copy of your appeal letter from the Social Security Administration. If you apply online, you should always print a copy of your online appeal for your records. Keeping a copy for your records ensures that you have proof of your on-time application.

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