Understanding Estate Planning and Probate Law

Less than one-third of American adults have a will. Even among Americans 55 years of age or older, less than half have a legal will or have completed any estate planning.  But is this really a problem? How important is it to work with an estate planning attorney in Indianapolis? What happens to your property [...]


Estate Planning with Unmarried Partners

For many Americans, partnership no longer needs to be formalized in married. Unmarried couples can live together and share every aspect of their lives without that slip of paper. However, some laws are still antiquated and require strategic estate planning for unmarried couples who wish to provide for one another if one of them passes [...]


How to Handle Social Security Overpayments

If you’ve gotten a notice in the mail that the Social Security Administration has overpaid you, then you’re probably scared and confused. The notice will come with a demand to send back the money within 30 days. But what if that money is already spent or earmarked for something else? Social security overpayments can happen for a [...]


What Assets Go Through Probate in Indiana?

When a loved one dies, beneficiaries are often left wondering what they will receive from the estate and when they’ll receive it. It’s a fair question, even in the wake of a close relative’s death. You are entitled to those assets and there’s little doubt that they can help you financially, regardless of your current situation. As [...]


What Is an Irrevocable Living Trust and Do I Need One?

For estate planning purposes, both revocable and irrevocable living trusts are extremely useful. But what is an irrevocable living trust, and when might you need one? What Is an Irrevocable Living Trust? With a revocable living trust, you still maintain control of the assets that are transferred into it. The trust is also still considered part [...]


Do You Need an Irrevocable Trust?

You may have decided to set up living trust to protect your assets, but what kind of trust best suits your needs? What's the difference between revocable and irrevocable trusts? In this article, we will explore the advantages of an irrevocable trust and when it could be the right option for you. To learn more, contact an Indianapolis [...]