The ALJ’s statement

A disability hearing normally begins with a statement given by the administrative law judge (ALJ), stating who is present and establishing the identity of your Indiana Social Security disability lawyer who is acting in your behalf. The ALJ will encourage you to be comfortable.

What Is Included in the Statement:

  • Indiana Social Security disability lawyerA confirmation that the claim was not denied by the office of the presiding ALJ and that the hearing is de novo in nature.
  • A statement that the hearing will be officially recorded, and that it will be composed of all documentation submitted as evidence and all oral testimony taken in the case.
  • An outline of the proceedings, including: a) testimony will be given by one person at a time, b) cross-examination of witnesses may occur and all witnesses will be placed under oath, c) the hearing will not require the strict application of the rules of evidence in court, and d) your Indiana Social Security disability lawyer will have an adequate amount of time to submit such briefs as are necessary concerning the case and his/her oral arguments.
  • A historical account of procedures followed in the claim (procedural history).
  • An account of the issues involved in the case.
  • A report of documentation included in exhibits and acceptance of the exhibits after allowing an opportunity for objections, if any are raised, to be ruled upon.

Waiving of the Procedural History and Statement of Issues

Your Indiana Social Security disability lawyer may be given the opportunity to dispense with the reading of the issues statement and the procedural history by the ALJ. Barring unusual circumstances, it is rare that an attorney will refuse to waive this reading.

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