Indiana Social Security disability lawyer Will Your Favorable Decision Be Reviewed?

You may have noticed that the cover letter of your favorable decision states that the Appeals Council may review the decision “on its own motion.” While this only happens in a rare number of cases, it’s technically possible that the Appeals Council in Falls Church, Virginia, will independently decide to remove the benefits that were awarded by your administrative law judge. This generally happens within 60 days of the decision being rendered, but the Appeals Council sometimes makes these decisions well after the 60-day mark. If it happens, you and your Indiana Social Security disability lawyer will need to decide how to most effectively address the issue.

Social Security Disability Lawyer Fees

In most cases, attorney fees are withheld from the back benefits that are received following a favorable decision. Still, it’s possible that the fees that were charged by your Indiana Social Security disability law firm won’t be withheld, and it will then be up to you to pay the firm directly.
In addition to Social Security disability lawyer fees, there are almost always attorney’s expenses that need to be reimbursed. These include fees for reports, medical records and anything else that your Indiana Social Security disability lawyer had to pay for while handling your case.
Around the time that your check for back benefits is sent, a separate check covering your attorney’s fees should be sent too. If it’s not, it probably means that the fees weren’t withheld from your back benefits.

Hire a Skilled Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer Now

Even if you are approved for Social Security disability benefits, things can still go awry. This is just another example of why it’s crucial to hire an experienced attorney from the beginning. Call Martin Barnes at 317-804-5058 now to get started.