Social Security Disability Mistakes to AvoidWhen filing for Social Security benefits, it is as important to know what not to do as it is to know what to do. Advice from an experienced Indiana Social Security lawyer can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.
The first disability mistake: Neglecting to submit an appeal
Over 50 perceny t of people make the first major error when it comes to Social Security benefits. They either don’t file an appeal when their claim is denied or they do not request a hearing once reconsideration is denied.
The second disability mistake: Neglecting medical treatment
Your Indiana Social Security lawyer will remind you that the most vital sources of evidence supporting a claim for Social Security disability are the records of medical treatment. By suspending treatment when the patient feels that the physicians have not been much help, claimants endanger their own health and lose an important means of providing evidence to support their claim.
Medical records and whether or not to submit a doctor’s letter
It is not necessary for the claimant to assemble the medical records. The Social Security Administration will take care of that. Only you can decide whether you believe a letter from your physician can help your case. Although they do at times, it is possible for a doctor’s letter to backfire. You and your Indiana Social Security lawyer must discuss whether or not you wish to ask your doctor to provide a letter despite the complex legal and medical questions involved.
Don’t be afraid to seek assistance
Your Indiana Social Security attorney is well placed to answer your questions and provide the guidance and assistance you need. Don’t wait. Call Martin Barnes at 317-804-5058 today for help and/or additional information.