disability attorney in IndianaIndiana Social Security disability lawyer Martin Barnes understands that the Social Security Administration is well-known for taking their time when evaluating a disability claim. They are also equally as known for the rate of denial that many claimants do not understand. Even when a claimant has a serious injury that will meet the rules for eligibility, the SSA still denies the claimant for some reason, be it technical or general. Reasons for denying a claim can range from a general claim that the applicant can do other sedentary work to a technicality of being ineligible for benefits by virtue of an insufficient tax receipt record. However, what claimants do not always recognize is that rules for claim approval change at age 50 are clearly in place after the age of 55. Therefore, age matters when filing for disability in Indiana.

Crafting a Case Based on Your Age

An effective Indiana Social Security disability lawyer will always focus on the fact that a disability claim is really a claim that the applicant cannot work due to a particular disability or multiple medical issues. However, what claimants often do not realize is that the rules for approval of a disability claim change after the individual turns 55 years old. The primary consideration by the SSA for workers above 55 years old is a presumption that the claimant will not be able to adapt to new work regardless of the sedentary nature. This perception reduces the possibility of denial greatly, and can expedite filing for disability in Indiana when a claim approval is presented professionally.

Parameters of Past Relevant Work

The Vocational Guidelines generally state that the past work history of each individual claimant should be evaluated for job responsibilities and the ability to perform those duties on an ongoing basis. This means that people who have sedentary employment during the past 15 years may have a difficult time winning a disability claim unless the physical inability will limit the ability to maintain past relevant substantive gainful employment, termed by SSA as an SGE rating. Your Indiana Social Security disability lawyer understands how to build your disability claim with the age rules in place, even when you have traditionally performed sedentary job responsibilities. The general rules for all workers still include the inability to stand or sit in one position for an extended period of time regardless of job duties.

Contact an Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer

Anyone over age 55 who are experiencing physical difficulties with employment should contact Indiana Social Security disability lawyer Barnes Cadwell, an association of lawyers and not a partnership Office at (317) 804-5058 for a free evaluation of your disability approval possibilities. We can provide assistance in filing for disability in Indiana.