Similar to how every Indiana Social Security disability attorney approaches a disability case differently, every administrative law judge (or ALJ) generally conducts disability hearings in a unique way. So what should you expect from your Social Security disability hearing?

Indiana Social Security disability attorney
Social Security Disability Hearing Guidelines
The Social Security Administration sets down broad national guidelines for administrative law judges to follow while directing hearings. However, the Administration understands that judges prefer to have some freedom regarding the structure of disability proceedings, so it does allow for administrative law judges to customize certain aspects of disability hearings.
Factors Within an Administrative Law Judge’s Control
For example, some ALJs prefer case witnesses to be present in the courtroom during a disability claimant’s testimony, while other administrative law judges prefer to exclude witnesses from a majority of the hearing procedure.
Sometimes administrative law judges do not want to extensively question claimants regarding their disability case, but others want to know every detail of the claimant’s statement inside and out. ALJs may also alter the tone, style, and speed of proceedings when overseeing a disability case where a claimant retains a veteran Indiana Social Security disability attorney (versus a case where a claimant opts for self-representation).
An ALJ’s Role in a Disability Hearing
An administrative law judge can customize almost every aspect of a disability hearing assuming that he or she allows a claimant to present evidence and witnesses regarding a supposed disability.
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