indiana social security disability lawyerOur Practice

We know our clients deserve the best possible representation and we deliver exactly that. Expertise and integrity are the guiding principles that characterize the lawyers at Barnes Cadwell Law.

We are an Indiana legal firm that serves their client’s with integrity and skill to help clients obtain social security disability benefits, develop their estate plans and the preparation of wills and trusts, navigate the probate administration process, and protect creditors’ rights.  We are sensitive and knowledgeable of the legal and medical challenges faced by the disabled and elderly and emphasize trusts and guardianships for the elderly and disabled.

The Barnes Cadwell staff of legal professionals always put your needs first.  Our practice style combines forceful advocacy, the latest legal know-how, and unmatched research and documentation expertise.  We maintain the highest ethical standards while representing clients’ rights and interests in litigation to bring about winning results.  Progressive standards coupled with aggressive representation of our clients’ rights during litigation allow us to represent clients effectively and deliver winning results with reasonable, competitive legal fees.

In keeping with our practice’s priorities, our office features universal access and accommodations including reserved parking spaces for handicapped clients, exterior ramps, and many other aids.  We pay close attention to environmental design, too.  Our building and new office equipment and technologies are geared toward energy savings.

Areas of Practice :

Questions About Estate Planning?

We Have Answers.

indiana estate planning lawyer97 answers, to be precise. They are available in this free 41-page digital booklet, which we can instantly email to you.
Included are answers to questions like:

  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of a revocable living trust?
  • Will a revocable living trust avoid or reduce taxes? Protect assets from creditors?
  • Can I sell property that is in my revocable living trust?
  • What is a special needs trust?
  • Why do I need a durable power of attorney? Do I need one if I have a revocable living trust?
  • What types of treatment can I request or refuse in my living will?

Answers To Your Disability Questions

In plain English.

indiana disbaility attorneyYou receive detailed and direct answers to questions like:

  •  When should I apply for disability benefits?
  •  When is the best time for me to get a lawyer involved in my case?
  •  Do I need to get medical records or reports for my lawyer?
  •  Should I try to get letters from friends and relatives about my disability?
  •  What will my lawyer do to prepare for the hearing?  What can I do to help get ready for my disability hearing?
  •  How is my monthly benefit determined?
  •  How long will it take for SSA to pay me?