Indiana Social Security disability attorneyIf Social Security denied your disability benefits, you might wonder what to expect as you move forward with your case. First, you need to realize you will be expected to testify at a Social Security disability hearing. Our Indiana Social Security disability attorney will walk you through this process and help prepare you to go before the judge. They will question you regarding prior employment and what type of work you can and cannot do. They will also want additional information on your education, medical issues and any limitations you have. You need to be honest when you answer these questions.

Tips on Your Hearing from an Indiana Social Security Disability Lawyer

No matter your pain level, do not minimize or exaggerate how it affects you. You do not want to dramatize your medical issues; on the other hand, you do not want to put on a tough front and suffer if you are dealing with pain during the hearing. If necessary, you can request a break from the judge. When you are ready, you can continue to share your story clearly with the judge so they will have enough information to make an informed decision in your case. Your Indiana Social Security disability attorney will review your testimony with you so you are prepared to tell your story in court.

Our dedicated Indiana Disability Attorney is attentive in providing personally tailored solutions to the unique disability issues and financial struggles that our clients face. We guide our clients through the legal disability process in an effort to ease some of the difficulties that come across during proceedings.

Do not face an upcoming Social Security hearing by yourself. For further help with your case from a reputable Indiana Social Security disability attorney, contact Martin Barnes at 317-804-5058.