Indiana Social Security disability attorney
If your SSD benefits are unduly delayed, you have several options to make an inquiry into the issue. You should ask your Indiana Social Security disability attorney to send all necessary letters to the SSA and keep you up to date on the situation.

An Indiana Social Security Disability Attorney Explains the Three Ways You Can Inquire about Delayed Benefits

If you have not received your Social Security disability benefits for several months after you were awarded the benefits, you can inquire about the delay in three ways.

Call a Congressional Office

Because a large number of their constituents require help with SSD benefit issues, each representative and senator employs a staff member who deals specifically with the Social Security Administration. In most cases, making a congressional inquiry will expedite the delayed payment.

Discuss the Delay with a Social Security Office Supervisor

You or your Indiana Social Security disability lawyer can also visit your local Social Security office in person and raise the issue with a supervisor. The supervisor may respond by calling the payment center to request a timely payment.

Send a Fax to the Payment Center

You or your attorney can send a fax inquiry directly to the payment center. Make sure you are sending it to the correct location. If the Office of Central Operations (OCO) in Baltimore is handling your payment, then fax a letter straight to one of the processing units. These are also known as modules (“mods”) and are assigned according to your Social Security number.

What to Do If You Do Not Receive a Response to Your Inquiries

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